10 noviembre 2008

triangle arts trust

International network of artist led workshops and residencies.
Triangle Arts Trust is a network of artists and arts organisations, which has been growing since 1982 and is currently present in over 30 countries around the world. Through a programme of international residencies and workshops, together with public manifestations such as open days, exhibitions and a number of outreach activities, Triangle instigates the exchange of ideas through practice: a hands-on approach that relies on dialogue, process and openness. Through its activities it has developed a unique web of exchange projects that connects local artists with their peers in neighbouring countries as well as further afield.

Each Triangle initiative, including Gasworks, is independent and responds to local needs, connecting with local audiences through its various projects. In more recent years, separately-initiated artist-led organisations sharing similar values and approaches have partnered with Triangle for international exchange projects. In the last two decades, Triangle has worked with over 4,000 artists. Such programmes of exchange have made an huge impact on artists careers, helping them to develop innovative and experimental work and raising their profile nationally and internationally.

While this has had a profound impact on the development of artists, it has also engaged audiences in understanding the role that the arts can have in their society. In fact, as artists often draw from and respond to their contexts, their work has the power to generate interest and debate amongst their audiences, inspiring and sometimes challenging views on local and international situations.

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