08 noviembre 2008

alessio antoniolli

Proyectos, programas y redes internacionales de residencia. martes 25 nov 17h
Alessio Antoniolli has been the Director of Gasworks and Triangle Arts Trust since 2005 where he is focusing on creating and supporting the development of artists’ projects in Africa, South America, South Asia and the Middle East. Recent projects include developing a section of the Triangle network in South America, linking artists’ collectives in Brazil, Argentina, Bolivia and Colombia; and securing funding for umbrella projects in Africa leading to the development of artists workshops in Lebanon, Jordan, Mozambique and Ethiopia amongst others.
Previously, Alessio ran the International Residency Programme at Gasworks, curating a programme of artists’ residencies and outreach activities. During this time he was involved in various curatorial projects as part of Gasworks' residency programme and independently.

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